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Anne Burkart

Anne Burkart

Anne Burkart was born and raised in Kansas City and graduated with a degree in American Studies and a degree in French from the University of Notre Dame. She received her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University in 2006. Her practicum was in the Children's Services Department at Swope Health. She also has worked at Renaissance West Treatment Center. Anne started her own private practice: Anne Burkart Counseling LLC in 2010 and has worked there since. Anne is a sister, a mother, a friend. She loves gardening, her pets and music. Can't wait to hear more about you.

Growing up, I was honored to have a father who worked internationally. We met people from different lands and cultures and he wished for "one world one language." I have been a believer in the value of communication skills since then. Counseling is my third career focus. I began in journalism: newspaper, radio and television news. Next, I moved to marketing for a business and then owned and operated a foreign language business. This third career of counseling is still communication based: communicating with self- mental health and substance use work and others- relationship and career issues.

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